As the summer season slowly transitions to winter in Palm Coast, FL, it is time to schedule maintenance services for your AC unit. The snow, oxidation, and ice experienced during the cold season put you at risk of incurring costly repairs if your AC gets damaged. Below are some ways your professional technician will maintain and prepare your system for winter.

What Is Winterization?

Winterization prepares your HVAC system for the winter season. It also allows you to complete preventive maintenance services before the cold weather. You can schedule maintenance services with Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists .

Listening for Unusual Noises

As you prepare for winter, you should turn on the AC and listen for any unusual noises. The system should run smoothly without interruptions, and odd noises signal an underlying problem. You need to contact Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists to check the system if you notice any odd noises. We have a team of certified and experienced technicians offering heating and cooling system services across Palm Coast and the surrounding areas. We will identify the problem and provide a solution to prevent you from incurring expensive repairs.

Turning Off Power to the A/C unit

Before performing any maintenance services on the AC unit, our technician will turn off the power to the system. The power circuit is positioned in a small box outside the house. This prevents electrocution as the technician performs the required maintenance services. It also prevents water from flowing to the system, damaging and freezing the condensing unit and preventing the system from turning on during a hot day.

Inspecting the A/C System

A well-functioning AC shouldn’t have broken seals, cracks, or leaks. Although they may seem like minor issues, they often cause considerable problems in the future. If you are in Palm Coast, FL, or the surrounding areas and you notice any irregularities on your AC unit, such as cracks, leaks, or rust, you should contact our technicians immediately.

Cleaning the Registers

During summer, you tend to open and close windows and doors regularly. This carries in dirt and dust particles which build up in the openings of the registers, and air returns. The particles block the openings, making the system work twice as hard to provide indoor comfort. They also bring in allergens to your home and affect your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). During maintenance services, technicians will remove the grill and wipe around the vents and openings to allow for better airflow. Cleaning the registers also reduces the allergens, thus improving the IAQ.

Covering the A/C Unit

To protect the AC from debris and other harsh elements during the winter, you should cover it using a plastic cover or waterproof vinyl. This also prevents cracking and provides insulation. These insulation covers are available at home improvement stores. HVAC technicians can secure waterproof tarps on the AC unit using ropes or bungee cords to protect the system from strong winds. At Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists , we do this professionally to ensure the best results.

Providing Extra Insulation

Our technicians can add extra insulation to your AC unit to prevent freezing and cracking of the wires and fluid flowing within the pipes. Foam pipe covers provide insulation on the exposed pipes and wires of the AC connections inside your home.

Cleaning the Condenser Unit

During summer, leaves, twigs, and debris tend to settle on the external parts of the AC unit. You can use a soft broom or hose to sweep or wash off these droppings and debris. Regularly cleaning the unit prevents clogging and unnecessary breakdowns when you need to use it. During maintenance, Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists will look for and straighten any bent fins. We will also clean the interior parts of the condenser by unscrewing the top grill and removing the fan. We will use a damp cloth or a hose to remove debris inside the unit. After cleaning, we will reinsert the fan and cover before finally restoring the cover.

Replacing the Air Filters

Changing air filters is important because for a number of reasons. It improves your indoor air quality. It also protects the components of the AC unit, ensuring peak efficiency during the winter. Dirty air filters make your system work harder and decrease its lifespan. You’ll also see increased energy bills when you don’t regularly change the filters.

Depending on the air filters used and the climate in your area, you should change the air filters every three months. You should change the filters more often if you live in a dry or dusty environment. Every filter has a MERV rating on a scale of 1-16, which reports how effectively the air filters trap dirt.

A higher rating equates to an efficient filter, meaning that your AC will function efficiently. If anyone suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, you can look into getting a HEPA filter. These filters capture the smallest particles and rate above the MERV scale.

Clearing the Surrounding Area

As you prepare for the winter, you should also clear debris and long grass growing around your home. Trimming trees, foliage, and other bushes will prevent dust and leaves from settling around the outdoor parts of the AC.

Inspecting the AC Often

After winterizing the outdoor unit of the AC, you should perform a visual inspection of the system every month during winter. This ensures that debris and dust don’t settle on the unit and keeps away tiny insects and rodents. You can use a soft brush to remove snow and ice outside the system.

Why Winterize the AC Unit?

Winterizing the AC unit has many benefits. First, it ensures that your AC will work well when summer strikes again. Regular maintenance can help you avoid unusually high energy bills or unexpected breakdowns. Scheduling maintenance for your system before the winter allows the technician to catch any minor issues before they grow into large problems. Ignoring maintenance services decreases the longevity of the AC, and you may incur high costs to replace damaged parts or the unit as a whole.

When you complete the above winterization tips, your AC will run smoothly and efficiently throughout its life expectancy. Maintenance services on the unit also ensure your home warranty plan remains viable, thus ensuring your AC receives tune-up and repair services in case of breakdowns and ordinary wear and tear.

Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists is the go-to Palm Coast air conditioning and heating company. We’ve been serving this area since 1994 and you can count on us to do the job right. Our HVAC experts are NATE certified, and we have a BBB A+ rating. We guarantee the best solution for your needs and contribute to a comfortable living environment for you and your family.

We’re proud to work with all makes and models of HVAC systems for installation, repairs, and maintenance. We work with both commercial and residential clients. You can also ask us about our indoor air quality solutions. Our team will ensure your building has a well-designed air conditioning system that meets Florida’s safety standards to provide you with years of uninterrupted service. Contact Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists today for all your AC needs this winter.

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