The advent of television shows on the DIY Network and HGTV have led to some very adventurous attempts at home maintenance by some less than qualified individuals. While not every homeowner would dare attempt an AC repair, there are plenty of unqualified, unlicensed people out there willing to take a shot.

Floridians are often obsessed with making sure their AC & Heating system is running and with good reason. A shutdown amid a warmer month can mean ultra-hot indoor temperatures that make being at home unbearable or can cause a business shut down.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who know the desperation this can cause and are willing to take advantage of it. The temptation to go with the least expensive, fastest option can outweigh common sense in choosing an air conditioning and heating technician.

Selecting a tech without the knowledge or license to work on your system is a bad choice. Here are three important reasons to choose an HVAC technician that is both qualified to do the work and licensed by the state.

1. Licensed Technicians are Trained for Every Problem

When a licensed air conditioning and heating technician arrives at your door, you can rest easy that they have the experience necessary to fix any problem your system has. In order to obtain their license, these techs must pass tests and go through inspections of their equipment.

The tests cover almost every issue known to occur, problems specific to the region, and prepare technicians for the proper way to fix things. The licensure process also covers proper safety behaviors to avoid dangerous accidents.

2. Qualified Technicians Offer Long-Term Solutions

An undertrained HVAC technician frequently finds the quickest way to deal with a problem, so it looks like the situation is taken care of. Unfortunately, in many cases, this leads to shortcuts that cause bigger problems down the road.

These quick fixes can also be dangerous. When bypassing warning systems or automatic shutdown triggers for the sake of appearing knowledgeable, unqualified techs can leave your home or business in jeopardy to serious issues like electrical problems or dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

3. Qualified, Licensed HVAC Technicians are Properly Insured

Licensure requires that air conditioning and heating professionals obtain bonding and worker’s compensation coverage. This can be vital to the homeowner if anything goes wrong.

Bonds are a type of insurance taken out by the contractor. If anything were to happen to your home during the course of a repair, these bonds cover the damages incurred. An unlicensed air conditioning and heating technician could leave you in the lurch for even bigger repair bills.

Additionally, if someone without the proper insurance is injured while working on your property, you could be held responsible for their medical care. Most licensed professionals and major air conditioning and heating companies carry worker’s compensation coverage to protect you from liability while they work at your home or on your property.

The Quick, Cheap Route is Not Worth It

It is obvious that hiring someone without the appropriate qualifications and licensure is a bad idea. While seemingly cheap and easy, it ends up costing home or business owners more in the long run. Find a professional to do the job correctly and safely the first time.

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