Many things can cause your Florida A/C system to break down or not function at its full performance. But with Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist “One Call, We Fix It All, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”, you can rest assured we will get your AC repaired, back up and running ASAP! Living in a state where we continuously contend with hot temperatures and high humidity, it’s no surprise that there are times when your AC unit doesn’t seem to function as well as it should. You may notice a drop in overall performance, higher than average power bills, fan or motor noises, critter infestation, and a host of other issues. A properly maintained AC system runs effortlessly with minimal noise and maximum efficiency each time it turns on. Any change in your system’s performance is a sign that you may need professional diagnosis and or HVAC repair. The key is being proactive so that minor problems or issues are not allowed to turn into major setbacks or failures.