Most of the time, your thermostat does its job in the background, working silently without you having to worry about it. It commands your HVAC system to function. However, when it fails, everybody in the home will be uncomfortable. As small as it is, your thermostat can cause inconvenience to your entire family.

Simple thermostat problems can also indicate severe issues within the HVAC system and if neglected, can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort.

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Your thermostat observes the actual indoor temperature and compares it to your desired temperature setting. If the room is too hot, it will tell your air conditioner to add cool air to the room. If it’s too cold, it will command your HVAC system to heat the air and create a comfortable living space.

Placement Issues

The placement of the thermostat plays a big part in its proper reading of the temperatures. If it’s positioned near a window or a doorway where it could be airy, it may think that the house is warmer than it is. This will cause the thermostat to inform the HVAC system to lower the temperature when it doesn’t have to. This will result in inconsistent temperatures and the unnecessary hike in your electricity bills.

The same thing can happen if the thermostat is situated near a heat source, such as direct sunlight, a refrigerator compressor or cooking devices. Eliminating the location as the root of the problem, there are still ways to identify a faulty thermostat. Here are some of the most common signs:

The HVAC System Stops Working

If the thermostat’s display is not lit, it cannot tell the AC to turn on. Basic, simple reasons can cause your thermostat to not receive power, including dead batteries, a blown fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker. If the thermostat does receive power, turn off the thermostat breaker and check its interior. If you notice a collection of dust, dirt, or soot, remove them carefully because a coating of debris on mechanical parts can hamper the thermostat’s normal operation. A can of compressed air or a soft brush can help you in eliminating the dirt.

You may also need to check other obvious problems such as wonky wiring or screws that need to be tightened. If certain parts of the wires seem to be corroded, you may need to check your owner’s manual and look for a wire replacement guide. If there is no available information, you can opt to replace the thermostat.

The Thermostat’s Screen Won’t Turn On

When a thermostat screen doesn’t turn on or is showing incomplete data, it can cause problems with your heating or cooling system. This problem can be resolved simply by resetting the thermostat, which means turning it off and back on.

Sometimes, it may only need fresh batteries to work. Just replace the old ones with fresh batteries, and it should be back online.

Dirt can also cause your thermostat’s screen to not turn on. Make sure the inside of the thermostat is clean. Follow the above steps.

If your thermostat is having electronic issues, check if the problem is covered by warranty. Most of these issues are covered by the warranty, so refer to your warranty certificate to be sure. If it isn’t, you may have to replace the thermostat altogether.

Unmatched Thermostat Setting And Room Temperatures

Before calling an HVAC expert, you need to check whether the thermostat is able to keep the room at the proper temperature or not. After confirming that the thermostat is clean and level, get a small thermometer and fasten it on the wall next to the thermostat. To avoid heat or cold transfer from the wall, insert a paper towel behind the thermometer. Wait 15 minutes to ensure that the temperature is stabilized and has a correct reading. Then, compare it with your thermostat’s reading. If the numbers are more than a degree apart, it is highly likely that your thermostat is not giving an accurate reading. This will help the AC technician identify the problem more easily and should be able to fix the problem more quickly.

Having Thermostat Issues? Call Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists

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