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We take a very thorough approach and let you see for yourself all of the dust, grime, biologic growth, and debris that can be removed from your duct system when full residential duct cleaning is a valid option. There are several things that go into determining how thoroughly ductwork cleaning can be performed without damaging it, such as condition, material, and accessibility. Far too often Ocala duct cleaning companies actually damage or make the situation worse by using the wrong equipment, improperly cleaning, or simply being too rough with older brittle ducts. Before we begin any work on duct systems we give you a full report on its condition and what options we feel would be the best, based on our experience and your individual needs and budget.

In the majority of cases where we can safely clean the residentail ductwork, we follow the most stringent guidelines and use only the best equipment to make sure the job is done properly. After the ductwork has been thoroughly cleaned, we always do a full anti-microbial sanitize and a final inspection to make sure there are no areas that were damaged or need to be resealed. Only after the final inspection and sanitization do we give the system a clean bill of health and our seal of approval.

In cases where Anti-microbial duct sanitizing will solve any issues you have, or is the only option for one reason or another, we can handle that as well. We use a sanitizer and an EPA-approved treatment that is fogged all throughout your complete duct system to treat any microbial growth that may be present. We also carry a wide assortment of Indoor Air Quality products including Ultra-Violet systems that can be installed and treat any and all biologic growth issues inside you’re A/C system. Check out the video below for more information on in-duct air purifiers and UV filters for your HVAC duct work.


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