Common Heating Problems Faced By Florida Homeowners

AC & Heating Maintenance Guide

Winters in Florida are typically short-lived and relatively mild compared to some of the northern states of America. Most cities in Florida get around 8 hours of sunshine on average. However, it can get quite chilly in the Sunshine State from November to January. The drop in the temperature prompts the residents to turn on the heating to feel comfortable in their home.

Because the heating system does not need to run more than a couple of months each year, most homeowners in Florida use electric furnaces or heat pumps. They tend to neglect proper maintenance of their heating units the entire year until they need it again. This causes some issues in the units which prevent them from running efficiently during the winter.

Here are some common heating problems faced by the residents of Florida.

Lack of heat

A common problem when turning on the heating unit after a long time is the vents giving our cool air. There are a number of reasons for that. With electrical heating, it could mean that the heating element has broken down. Without proper storage and maintenance, the elements that transfer heat during air flow wears out. Even a single faulty element can affect the temperature of the air.

In case of a central furnace, it might be that the unit has run out of gas or the gas valve hasn’t been turned on properly. Incorrect setting of the thermostat can also cause the unit to blow cool air rather than hot.

Clogged filter

Sometimes the air filters can get dirty and clogged due to restricted airflow. Dirty filters make it harder for the unit to circulate air and prevent it from maintaining the perfect indoor temperature.

Houses that have pets, smokers, or excess use of aerosols are more likely to end up with clogged filters. The best way to fix this problem and extend the life of your heating unit is to replace the air filter monthly and get it serviced when you turn it on for the first time after a long time.

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Leaks and Mold

A build-up of moisture during the rainy season can cause a growth of mold in the ducts. It can also create unpleasant smells and health issues for homeowners. The ideal solution is to hire professional HVAC experts to clean your unit regularly.

Attempting to clean the ducts yourself can create leaks in the ductwork if you don’t have the proper experience. Leaks in the ventilation ducts are one of the main causes of high energy bills for most homeowners.

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