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No matter if your business is located in a single room structure or a 20 story downtown highrise office we have the right commercial HVAC equipment to meet your new system needs. Since 1994, A vendor in the commercial sales market, Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist is your regional leader in commercial HVAC sales.

From the first steps of determining your business needs, through the design and layout of changes or new ducting systems, to the inspection, preperation and completed installation of new commercial multi-ton HVAC system; We do it all at an affordable price and efficient speed. We will conduct a thorough needs assesment inspection of the property, a customer interview and complete evaluation of the best equipment to recommend with long term life and ability to handle demand. We are and will remain theOcala regional leader in all things commercial HVAC sales and installation matters.

Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists is qualified and prepared to deliver to you the best in price on new commercial HVAC equipment such as Chillers, Unitary units, Air handling systems, Terminal Devices, Ductless systems, Dedicated air solutions and add on components.

Best of all, it’s free – we never charge for providing a quote to our potential customers. Already have a commercial equipment quote from a competitor? Not a problem, let us show you why they hate our company being in the mix by providing you a price beating quote that sends the other companies away in tears.

Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist- your leader in all things commercial HVAC sales related.