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Commercial Electrical Specialists

The selection of a qualified commercial electrical contractor isn’t just important for quality or finances but can even mean the difference between life or death when commercial electrical products, electrical equipment and electrical applications are dependant on the electricity to remain live and without presenting itself as a safety hazard.

Our certified, licensed and insured commercial electricians will provide you with expert analysis of your commercial electrical contractor needs combined with superior experience and training that guarantee optimal performance from your commercial electrical systems. We are the area’s leaders in commercial pre-wiring, commercial electrical upgrades and commercial electrical remodeling.

No matter the electrical problem Cooks Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists is your Ocala electrical experts on commercial electrical service and the electrical needs of a business. We have always made our customers #1 and understand that your business’ electrical service is vital to your success.

We are experts in commercial electrical applications and can service your commercial electrical repair needs, commercial new service installation and commerical electrical layout and design.

We offer diagnostic, repair and replacement as needed on all commerical electric brands, across the industry. Our low price and energy saver evaluation make us not only the top of the class in value but the area leader in information for you about how your commerical electrical needs can be met at lower cost with the skills provided by our commerical electricians.

Don’t let a small problem become one thats out of hand and turns out the lights on your business. Find a commercial electrical problem? Call us today and let us save you time and money now by dealing with your issue while keeping the lights on and the electrical components running!


  • Commerical electrical repair
  • Low commerical prices
  • FREE site estimates
  • Annual maintenance plans
  • Service ALL Makes / Models
  • Licensed / Insured
  • Family Owned
  • Certified team members
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