3 Reasons Not To Neglect Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

March brings an end to Florida’s cool winter months. With temperatures steadily rising, most homeowners are going to be turning on their Air Conditioning (AC) units to escape the heat outside.

The cooler weather gave home cooling units in Florida a much-needed break, while also letting residents enjoying lower energy bills.

However, most people forget that they need to get necessary maintenance done on their ACs during winter. AC units are used 9 months out of the year, and by 86% of residents in Florida. Performing preventative maintenance on your air conditioners ensures that the unit is able to keep up with sweltering temperatures.

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Common Heating Problems Faced By Florida Homeowners

Winters in Florida are typically short-lived and relatively mild compared to some of the northern states of America. Most cities in Florida get around 8 hours of sunshine on average. However, it can get quite chilly in the Sunshine State from November to January. The drop in the temperature prompts the residents to turn on the heating to feel comfortable in their home.

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The Dangers of Not Hiring a Qualified, Licensed Technician

The advent of television shows on the DIY Network and HGTV have led to some very adventurous attempts at home maintenance by some less than qualified individuals. While not every homeowner would dare attempt an AC repair, there are plenty of unqualified, unlicensed people out there willing to take a shot. Floridians are often obsessed …

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