You may not know it but one of the reasons you might be getting sick often is due to the air quality in your home or business. When you live in the Northeast part of Florida like Gainesville, Ocala, Palm Coast or Jacksonville outside temperatures can vary and make maintaining good air quality inside difficult. If you ask the average person the most important reason to regularly maintain heating and air units, they will typically respond with efficiency and to prevent breakdowns

An oft-forgotten benefit of keeping up with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is the impact on the health of everyone entering the space.

Yes, There are several issues that could affect the health of those in a room being heated or cooled by a dirty, inefficient HVAC system. Fortunately, with some routine maintenance, these problems can be discovered early or entirely avoided.

1. Mold Growth and Buildup

Mold can be invasive, quickly forming and causing major issues for both your HVAC system and those in your home or who visit your business. Mold spores are known to cause significant respiratory issues for people of all ages.

Mold buildup can be avoided with regular checks of the HVAC system. Catching the problem very early is key to making sure no one is negatively impacted. Visual inspections help spot mold in and around the HVAC units.

A poorly operating HVAC unit can lead to mold issues in addition to spreading the spores. Air that is overly moist due to inefficiency is a harbinger for mold development. This can lead to mold formation anywhere in the home or business, including on furniture, woodwork, and most other surfaces.

2. Increased Risk of Illness

In addition to mold causing respiratory issues, other pathogens can enter the ductwork and spread throughout a home or business. Proper duct cleanings and regular filter replacement can help prevent these problems. Consider cleaning air ducts as a type of disinfection process for your home or business.

Dead pests and pest droppings can create terrible odors and even illness. Having the system inspected regularly can help spot any potential problems before they occur.

3. Decreased Air Quality

Our environment is full of allergens like dust, pollen, and dander from pets. These particles can lead to minor issues like coughing, sneezing, or congestion. They could also have severe effects on someone suffering from asthma.

Frighteningly, certain HVAC units lacking maintenance could lead to issues as serious as carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a very dangerous possibility that is easily prevented with regular checkups.

4. Severe Temperatures

It never fails that an HVAC problem arises at the worst possible time, whether it be the dead of winter or the hottest part of summer. While most will experience simple discomfort, these severe temperature experiences can be troublesome for those vulnerable to illness.

Stop Problems before They Start

Preventative maintenance is just that – prevention. Prevention of issues that can cause significant problems including mold reactions, infections, and allergies.

Regular HVAC maintenance for both home and business systems can go a long way toward keeping a minor issue from becoming a big one.

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